What is it? Delicious.

Our friend and food blogger Debs Gardner made us a hamantaschen in the shape of Sierpinski’s triangle. Now in addition to being generated by recursive subtraction, chaotic games, and L-systems (seriously, if you haven’t yet seen Dan’s talk on this, watch it because it’s good), Sierpinski’s triangle has been made by sticky prune filling and delicate flaky dough. It’s almost too good to be true.

Check out Debs’ blog at seattlelocalfood.com, where she talks about the process of making the Sierpinskitaschen, a truly original piece of baking and mathematics.

The Sierpinskitaschen

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  1. Rebecca

    Dan Finkel!
    through the vagaries of the internet and my math teacher and baker friends I hear about the awesome Sierpinskitaschen. (I made infinite hamantaschen too–they just were monads rather than linked in a beautiful and cosmic pattern. Lonelytaschen.) And THEN as I’m marveling I realize SOMEONE I KNOW is involved.
    So good for you! Hope life is wonderful.

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