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what’s awesome about algebra

As students are enrolling in pre-algebra and algebra in droves, I thought I would post this video, which is part 1 of a magic trick illustrating the mind-boggling power of algebra. It is very common to learn how to do … Continue reading

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Fall Registration Open

If you are in Seattle or Bellevue, we have a host of great classes and circles to offer this fall, all focusing on the beauty, power, and elegance of mathematics. Saturday Classes at the PNA in Phinney Ridge This Saturday session runs … Continue reading

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From 21 to 500: Game & Math Salon

Here’s a fun, very simple classroom game you can play for multiplication. You may know the game 21, aka blackjack. In classrooms, I like to play with a deck that only includes numbers from 1 to 10. Twenty-one. Each player gets … Continue reading

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Revisiting Internal Motivation

There is a tension between intrinsic and extrinsic motivation in teaching mathematics. Our answer to the classic student questions Why do I need to learn this? is a good measure of where we look for motivation. You can appeal to … Continue reading

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Playing with Math and more

Early summer is a great time of year in Seattle and Eastern WA, where we’re splitting our time right now. We’ve been pouring energy into a few projects: launching our new game, Prime Climb; supporting Seattle Summer School with curriculum … Continue reading

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Primo – the beautiful, colorful, mathematical board game

Primo A Totally Unique Mathematical Board Game from Math for Love More than a year ago we had an idea to build a game around what felt like one of the unsung ideas in math: prime numbers make multiplication easy. … Continue reading

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Horseshoes (and Hand Grenades)

We’ve recently invented a game that surely already exists in some form already. But it’s been super fun to play, and we’ve been using it with kids and teachers at all grades. It’s kind of magic. We don’t have a … Continue reading

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Found note: “List of Counterexamples”

I found this note when I was cleaning out some old papers. It’s like finding a strange little gift from the us of the past. List of Counterexamples Communism Hitler Klein 4 group Petersen graph Plasma Hawaii Neutrinos Tacoma Narrows … Continue reading

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Note: The Math for Love newsletter does not usually get posted on the blog. If you’d like to sign up, enter your name and email in the sidebar. Here are the announcements from our last one. A Coin Problem I’ve … Continue reading

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A dollar that costs a dollar

I had one of those awesome experiences this week where a student thinks of a better question. I had been playing around with this issue of what money costs to make. (Get the lesson here.) Not a pretty picture, by … Continue reading

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