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Horseshoes (and Hand Grenades)

We’ve recently invented a game that surely already exists in some form already. But it’s been super fun to play, and we’ve been using it with kids and teachers at all grades. It’s kind of magic. We don’t have a … Continue reading

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Found note: “List of Counterexamples”

I found this note when I was cleaning out some old papers. It’s like finding a strange little gift from the us of the past. List of Counterexamples Communism Hitler Klein 4 group Petersen graph Plasma Hawaii Neutrinos Tacoma Narrows … Continue reading

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Note: The Math for Love newsletter does not usually get posted on the blog. If you’d like to sign up, enter your name and email in the sidebar. Here are the announcements from our last one. A Coin Problem I’ve … Continue reading

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A dollar that costs a dollar

I had one of those awesome experiences this week where a student thinks of a better question. I had been playing around with this issue of what money costs to make. (Get the lesson here.) Not a pretty picture, by … Continue reading

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Who is the most famous?

One fun thing math lets us do is measure difficult-to-measure things. Like fame. We all have an instinct for what fame is, and the more we put it into words, the more we’ll find we can translate fully into math. … Continue reading

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A Math Menu for Fraction Division

I’m not sure who came up with the idea of “Menus” as a math teaching device, though I first saw them at a workshop from the folks at MEC. Menus are essentially modified stations, designed to be a several-day structure … Continue reading

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1-2 Nim Write Up

I’ve been taking some time to write up some lessons, and I’d love to get some feedback. You can click here for a pdf of this lesson on 1-2 Nim. It’s one of our favorites: a surefire way to get students of … Continue reading

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The Mathematically Inclined Shall Inherit the Earth

“… at this point, it’s in the hands of people who are mathematically inclined.” —Stephen Hsu The January 6th New Yorker contains an article on B.G.I., a Chinese company seeking to do major work in the field of genetics. According … Continue reading

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Deeper questions with percents

The good thing about teaching percents is that they connect to the real world, particularly with money. The bad thing is, it can be hard to find really dynamic problems. Too often, you’re just marking prices up or down in … Continue reading

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Harmonic Puzzle

One of the beautiful results in mathematics is the proof of the divergence of the harmonic series. What it tells us is that the infinite series of fractions 1/2 + 1/3 + 1/4 + 1/5 + 1/6 + … gets … Continue reading

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