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Found note: “List of Counterexamples”

I found this note when I was cleaning out some old papers. It’s like finding a strange little gift from the us of the past. List of Counterexamples Communism Hitler Klein 4 group Petersen graph Plasma Hawaii Neutrinos Tacoma Narrows … Continue reading

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Making sense of math

Math makes sense. Not only to mathematicians, it turns out. Math just makes sense. It’s internally coherent, and shows you so when probed. All the rules in math that seem like “just because”–you can think of them probably pretty quickly, … Continue reading

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Math For Love meets Washington STEM

We are happy to announce that we’ve received an investment from Washington STEM to expand our work with teachers in Seattle area schools this coming year! We’ll be running math circles for teachers from schools that serve underserved and underrepresented … Continue reading

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When Girls Leave Math and What To Do About It

The conversation around gender and mathematics is often driven by poignant anecdote or by statistics. We have either the individual story of heartache or we have a set of disheartening numbers, and in either case, I feel frustrated. But every … Continue reading

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What math curriculum actually works?

Reading the opinions and rants of various math curricula, I see how hard it can be to evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of a given math textbook. Is Saxon better than Everyday Math? What’s the best intervention for pre-K? When … Continue reading

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Next Math Salon: January 24. Plus T Shirts!

The next math salon is January 24 from 4pm-6pm at Mosaic Coffeehouse, in Wallingford, Seattle. The event is free, though donations are welcomed. Please rsvp if you’d like to be there. Also, Math for Love T shirts have arrived! Right … Continue reading

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Math Doodling to Infinity (via Elephant)

Vi Hart, my favorite narrative doodler, has produced two more wonderful videos, and you should watch them. Right now, if you can. Now here’s my question: I love these videos, but I’m also a mathematician, so I know of most … Continue reading

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Triangle: A new math card game

A 10-year-old I meet with greeted me yesterday by telling me that he’d had an idea for a game called “Triangle” right before going to bed. He described the basic premise, and we toyed with different ideas for game play. … Continue reading

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Math Salon this Tuesday, Nov 9 at 4:30pm

For anyone in the Seattle area, you’re invited to join the second Math for Love Math Games Salon. Where: Mosaic Coffeehouse, 44th and 2nd Ave in Wallingford. When: 4:30 – 6:30pm. Donations encouraged. Please send me an email if you’d … Continue reading

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Write it down! (When talent becomes a hurdle)

I met with an older student this evening, who’s story is classic. He excelled in math effortlessly; everything was obvious. This until he hit college level abstract algebra, and then… failure. This is a ridiculously common story among students with … Continue reading

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