Math Circles

Math to Inspire and Delight

Could your child benefit from a new perspective on math?

“I wanted you to know that [my son] called Math Circle the highlight of his week *every* week!”Math Circle Parent

Math Circles are enrichment classes before and after school. Each Circle centers around our favorite mathematical activities and questions. We play, pose questions, simplify, solve, and invent new challenges. In our Math Circles, students learn concepts and techniques they’ll see nowhere else, in a context that emphasizes the beauty, power, and elegance of mathematics.

Join a Math Circle at your school:

“It’s far and away [my daughter’s] favorite thing.”Math Circle Parent

APP at Lincoln Grade 2-3 – Sign up now!
Catharine Blaine Grade 3-5- Sign up now!
Coe Elementary Grade 2-3 – Sign up now!
Greenwood Elementary Grade 2-3- Sign up now!
John Hay Elementary Grade 2-3 – Sign up now!
Queen Anne Elementary Grade 1-2 – Sign up now !
Queen Anne Elementary Grade 3-5 – Sign up now !
View Ridge Elementary Grade 2-3 – Sign up now!
University Cooperative School Grade 1-2 – Sign up now!
West Woodland Elementary Grade 2-3

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