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Primo – the beautiful, colorful, mathematical board game

Primo A Totally Unique Mathematical Board Game from Math for Love More than a year ago we had an idea to build a game around what felt like one of the unsung ideas in math: prime numbers make multiplication easy. … Continue reading

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Horseshoes (and Hand Grenades)

We’ve recently invented a game that surely already exists in some form already. But it’s been super fun to play, and we’ve been using it with kids and teachers at all grades. It’s kind of magic. We don’t have a … Continue reading

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“Help, my daughter hates math!”

Back in August, an email with the subject “Help, my daughter hates math!” showed up in the Math for Love inbox. To quote that email: Here’s our situation:  We are entering our fourth year of home schooling and my 10 … Continue reading

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Math Consulting: Games to Content, by way of Questions

We’ve been loving running math workshops for teachers. First of all, teachers are awesome: they’re some of the hardest working, most motivated people out there. They want to know as much math as they can, and they want to help … Continue reading

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Hex Board!

If you read about the amazing gift of the (now consumed) Sierpinskitaschen last week, you would rightly assume that our present karma had about played itself out. Not so! On Tuesday I had two students–third graders at an after school … Continue reading

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My Short List: Books and Games for Parents and Young Kids

A parent recently asked me a great question: what books (and games) would be useful for home use? There are lots of resources around, such as living math, or the book list from Love 2 Learn 2 Day, where you … Continue reading

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Triangle: A new math card game

A 10-year-old I meet with greeted me yesterday by telling me that he’d had an idea for a game called “Triangle” right before going to bed. He described the basic premise, and we toyed with different ideas for game play. … Continue reading

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Post Salon Contentment

Back from the math salon and feeling great. I’ve been able to make some minor adjustments since the last one: I added a challenge problem, a group game after people have mostly arrived to break the ice, a little discussion … Continue reading

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Actually Good Math Computer Games

I always go back and forth on video and computer games to learn math. On the one hand, there’s something soporific about staring at a screen, and it feels like you need a kind of thought disengaged from the machine … Continue reading

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A game to end all times tables drills: Damult Dice

Every kid needs to learn their times tables at some point, and this means practice. Unfortunately, practicing times tables can be unmotivated and boring for kids. We adults, rightly, ask, “How can we make it fun?”(Important note: times tables are … Continue reading

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