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From 21 to 500: Game & Math Salon

Here’s a fun, very simple classroom game you can play for multiplication. You may know the game 21, aka blackjack. In classrooms, I like to play with a deck that only includes numbers from 1 to 10. Twenty-one. Each player gets … Continue reading

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Horseshoes (and Hand Grenades)

We’ve recently invented a game that surely already exists in some form already. But it’s been super fun to play, and we’ve been using it with kids and teachers at all grades. It’s kind of magic. We don’t have a … Continue reading

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Goat River Crossing

This is a post about owning your mathematical experience, problem-solving, and flexibility. It also involves our goats—yes, we have goats—and a story of what happened when we took them hiking this summer. What you need to know about our goats … Continue reading

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One Minute Math Video: Adding 1000 numbers versus opening a bag of chips

Our first 1 minute math video. Pass it along if you know anyone who’d like it. Should we make more? Any topics you’d like to see?

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A game to end all times tables drills: Damult Dice

Every kid needs to learn their times tables at some point, and this means practice. Unfortunately, practicing times tables can be unmotivated and boring for kids. We adults, rightly, ask, “How can we make it fun?”(Important note: times tables are … Continue reading

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