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Squares of Differences III: a surprising solution

[See Squares of Differences I and Squares of Differences II, and apologies for the tardiness of the posting] I’ve learned a lot about Squares of Difference in the last months. First, they’re sometimes known as Difference Boxes, or Diffy Boxes, … Continue reading

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Squares of Differences II: Changing Direction

[Note: this is a continuation to the first Squares of Differences post. Read that before continuing.] A week after introducing her class to squares of differences (seeĀ  for the first post on this lesson), one of Katherine’s students walked in … Continue reading

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Squares of Differences: subtraction practice toward a greater purpose

Here is a phenomenal lesson, accessible to any child who knows how to subtract, and compelling to everyone, up to and including professional mathematicians. Get a kid engaged in it, and they’ll do hundreds of subtraction problems without complaint, because … Continue reading

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