Next year’s festival is planned for April 4, 2015. Save the date–we’ll have volunteer signups opening in the months ahead.

Info on last year’s festival is below.

This year’s festival is scheduled for Saturday, March 22. Volunteers will need to be available from noon to 5:30 on Saturday, plus for several hours of training either the night before or the morning of the festival. Volunteers all receive a $50 honorarium and a T-shirt.

We’re looking for mathematically capable and enthusiastic volunteers for this fantastic event. Here’s what volunteers at last year’s festival said:

“Thanks for doing this! It was a great experience for all of us, and all the kids I talked to seemed genuinely excited and engaged. Can’t wait for next year!”

“The Julia Robinson Festival was fantastic and I felt like it really changed some kids’ perspectives on mathematics. Those who had really doubted their math abilities and never saw themselves sitting down doing math for fun were surprised at their own abilities.”

Sign up now and help spread the love of math in Seattle!

About the festival: The Julia Robinson Festival is challenging but noncompetitive, highlighting rich mathematical problems curated by adults who love math. It’s a perfect place for students who like math, games, or puzzles, for contest-goers looking to see what else math is about, and for students who prefer the collaborative, noncompetitive aspects of math to contests. Go to http://juliarobinsonmathfestival.org/ to learn more.


Interested in having us host a math festival at your school or location?
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