What do you want in a curriculum?

October 24, 2010

As you may have noticed, I just added an email subscription box and rss feed subscription button in the column to the right. You can now enjoy the blog from the comfort of your own email account or reader!

On to the point of this email: I want pre-feedback. I’m starting to write up some curriculum, suitable for use at home. My target age is 2nd-6th graders. The working titles is How Numbers Work: Divisibility, Primes, and Mods. I’m hoping to end up with a useful, motivated, engaging, and rigorous mathematical curriculum for homeschoolers or young students who are languishing in school. Also, there will be lots of games. And possibly video.

In an effort for it to be as useful as possible, I’d like you to solicit comments in advance. If you’re a parent or teacher with a kid in this age group, what would be the most helpful? Do you want a curriculum written for you, or for your child, or both?

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