Family Math: my new favorite book for parents and young kids

I just got it last evening, and I’ve got to say, Family Math is almost perfect. Their advice to parents: dead on. Like,

Let [your children] see you enjoying the activities, liking mathematics… if a parent says “You know, this is really interesting!” that becomes the child’s model.


The answer to any particular problem has very little importance, but knowing how to find the answer is a lifetime skill.

Equally impressive are the activities and games. Half of my favorite games are in here: nim, bridges, and other great ones I’ve never seen, involving interesting mathematical concepts like random walks.

All in all, this book is an excellent supplement to any school or homeschool math curriculum, and I’d recommend it to pretty much any family looking to have fun with math.

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  2. Bon Crowder

    Wow – I just bought that a week ago too – but mine is from the 80s. Do you have the latest version? The cover hasn’t changed.

    I was so excited to find it when I was scrounging around Half Price Books for other math texts. I’m just cranking up my own math blog and was in need of some sources of interesting word problems.

    How fun!

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