One Minute Math Video: Adding 1000 numbers versus opening a bag of chips

Our first 1 minute math video. Pass it along if you know anyone who’d like it. Should we make more? Any topics you’d like to see?

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  1. Jason Buell

    Works now. I don’t know how to use the youtube. I liked the vid. Maybe at the end I would have liked the general formula or a “further investigations….” but I don’t know how much you can add and not go over 1 minute.

    1. Post

      Good thought. I’m not married to the idea that they have to be exactly a minute. Still working out the concept.

  2. Kristin

    I like it. Unfortunately we can’t get clear video for most of the minute. The audio is fine throughout. (I’m using Firefox if it matters.)

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  4. Peter Price

    Dan and Katherine, great video!
    This is a really simple idea that works very well, and would be great to use with math students in primary/middle school.
    I think the one-minute format works well as a brief introduction to a cool math topic, for a wide audience including school students and anyone interested in math. I’m looking forward to more in this series!

    One critique: the chip packet was really noisy. Perhaps a microphone placed closer to Katherine could have helped.

  5. Mercedes

    Fantastic! I teach Maths in a spanish middle school and I will use with my bilingual students (they learn Maths in both English and Spanish). That will be a good finish to the lesson of sequences.

  6. Swati

    I like it! Please do make more! My kid is five and a half, and I want to get the beauty of numbers across – with the handicap that I am no mathematician myself. So, short little videos (somehow more effective than if I was just telling this in person) are irresistibly alluring for my bookmark collection 🙂

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  8. Charlie Flowers

    I love that video. Well done. You achieved your goals on multiple levels simultaneously in a masterful way.

  9. Lars

    Yes!! PLease do more of those. I really think this is a cool way to build up all the cool UNDERLIING skills underlying MATH.
    I am a special ed teacher in Germany, and once I started using your ideas I got them all to love puzzling around. Amazing!!!

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