Juggling and Mathematics: Nickolai Pirak at Julia Robinson Festival

March 14, 2012

Looking for another reason to sign up for the Julia Robinson Math Festival, happening this Sunday, March 18?

Nickolai Pirak is a professional juggler from Seattle who will be giving a presentation at the festival on the relationship between mathematics and juggling. He will give an overview of how a numerical system of notating juggling moves called ‘siteswaps‘ has revolutionized juggling by providing a consistent language for jugglers to communicate tricks and patterns as well as create new ones.

Nickolai has been performing for over six years for a wide range of events and clients including Microsoft, The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, Seattle Art Museum and Sculpture Park, Woodland Park Zoo, Seattle Mayor’s Office, WA Lawyers for the Arts, The Northwest Emmy Awards, and The Moisture Festival.

Check out the videos to see Nickolai in action.

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