Aggression: the amazing arithmetic game no one knows about


I first played the game Aggression about five years ago. I had recently read Eric Solomon’s Games with Pencil and Paper, and tried the game out with a student I was working with. It was a hit. I heard later that the game was in regular rotation at his house, and had become a family favorite. “I should use this game more in schools,” I thought. And then I forgot about it.

Now, Gord Hamilton of Math Pickle has a beautiful explanation of the game up at his website, Math Pickle. Seeing it again, I’m reminded of just how good the game is. And happily, I don’t need to write it up anymore, because it’s hard to imagine improving on Gord’s description.

If you’re looking for a classroom game for 2nd or 3rd graders (or, honestly 1st or 4th or 5th), or just a great pencil and paper game to play at home, I highly recommend you check out A Little Bit of Aggression. Check out the PDF with different maps at the end of the slide deck. Also, check out challenges! Gord’s put some money on the line, and you might be able to claim it!

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  1. Gord!

    This game alone could replace ALL of the grade 2 or 3 math as taught in most schools – the result would be superior. I now call it “A little bit of Aggression” for those pacifists among us 😉

    1. Post

      That’s some mix of damning critique and high praise for the game itself.
      I really like your use of sliders to explain the game. That feels like a very effective use of the website technology.

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