Fibonacci-like number sum puzzle

I just add a fascinating conversation on twitter, and I made a video to pose it to you. In particular, if you’ve got upper elementary or middle school students (or high school, or college), and want to explore whether this pattern keeps working, I’d love to hear how it goes.

Here’s the original tweet, and my video synopsis below.


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  1. hugo

    Yes, it is true that the 7th number in serials multiple by 11 is always equal to the 10th of sum up to the serials, and also found another three more patterns:
    – The 5th number multiple by 4 is equal to the 6th of the sum.
    – Double the third number is always equal to the third sum.
    – The difference between the x(p) and s(p-2) is the 2nd number, where p is equal to any number above 2, for example, the 2nd sum subtracted from the 4th number is the 2nd number.

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