Diffy Squares

March 23, 2020

When you want a problem that won’t quit, it’s hard to beat Diffy Squares. This crazy little enigma has had more folks doodling squares and subtracting through boring meetings, searching for a diffy square that will last longer than any other.

There’s a lot of deep mathematics here, and it’s possible to find strategies and solutions to “solve” diffy squares. But the best part about diffy squares is trying to beat your old record, and hitting a wall at level 7 or 8. This will give your kids an epic reason to keep doing subtraction practice. So I’m not going to give an answer, but please share your best Diffy records in the comments. To get started, check out the video and read the PDF below.

Great for 2nd grade and up.

(It’ll be a serious challenge for motivated students who know some algebra to find real numbers to put in a diffy square so that it NEVER terminates.)

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1 year ago

I got ten it is so possible

1 year ago

I got 9 on my first try