Free printable Tiny Polka Dot starter deck

May 1, 2020

I recently committed to donate up to 1000 Tiny Polka Dot games if people could help us find good homes for them. Within four hours of a mass email going out, 359 people had filled out our form, saying they could find good homes for at least 24 (and up to 800) games.

I’ve doubled the commitment and will be giving away 2000 games. We’ll be pouring over the applications that people sent us and hopefully can fulfill some decent fraction of them. It’s hard to feel that the need is so great, and there’s only so much we can do.

If anyone is in a position where they know kids and families who could really benefit from having a way to play with mathematics, I’ve put together this Tiny Polka Dot Starter Deck for free download.

  • It features the core three suits, so it’s a little lighter and more focused.
  • It also has white backgrounds, which makes it printer-friendly.
  • Instructions come in English, but are also available in Spanish, French, and Chinese here.

I hope this resource helps anyone (with a printer, tagboard, and scissors) who needs to make a few dozen mini-decks in a hurry to support young kids in numeracy they might be working with! Parents, if you just need just one deck, and don’t have the money to buy one, I also recommend Kent Haines’ article on making a deck from scratch as a math/art project.

Thank you all for what you do to make mathematics a subject that belongs to everyone.

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