Letter to a student – Fibonacci numbers and Lucas Numbers

Last spring I received a letter from a student who wanted to know more about me, and more, especially, about Fibonacci numbers. I wrote him back, and shared a bit more about Fibonacci numbers and their twin sibling, the Lucas numbers. Fibonacci numbers get a lot more attention, but, like real and imaginary numbers, there are many things about them …

Can’t let it go

I had a lovely experience last spring after a workshop with elementary teachers in a nearby school district. I thought I’d share. It began with saying yes to a teacher’s idea, and is such a perfect example of how saying yes can plant a seed that grows into a problem people can’t let go. Early in the workshop I shared …


A Mathematician at Play 11: Unfair Numbers

After another break, I’m returning to puzzles from my Mathematician at Play column from The Hindu in School. Also, I’ll be posting the answers to the previous puzzle as a download, to avoid spoilers. Tune in again soon for the next puzzle, along with the solution to this one. Download the answer to puzzle 10


Math Game Short List 2018

In 2011 I posted a “short list” of favorite math resources for parents of young children. Since then, a lot of fantastic new materials have emerged! I thought the list was due for an update. There are so many resources around that it’s easy to make the list too long. I’m breaking it up into separate lists—games, books, websites, etc.—and …


Nine Points on Rich Math Tasks

I recently submitted an article on getting the most out of rich math tasks to Vector, the journal of the BC Association of Math Teachers. I’m posting just my article below. You can read the entire issue here. Enjoy!