What we mean when we say “Anyone can do math”

We need to unpack the phrase, and attendant phrases, that are so popular today, and that are in some ways so radical and unintuitive that we both believe and disbelieve them at the same time. Anyone can do math Everyone is a mathematician You’re good at math (and don’t know it) There’s no such thing as a math person. Everyone …

Rich Learning in Math Class

We’ve got an exciting new video PD series to offer on rich tasks. It’s entirely free, and it just might change your math classroom.


How Do You Make Math Fun?

I was recently asked to be on a panel discussion online, along with a few others with an interest in recreational mathematics. The topic was how do you make math fun? Because of time zone differences, I ended up writing a fairly detailed first post on the panel. I thought it would be of interest to readers of this blog …

Wizard Standoff Game & Lesson Plan

I just received an email from a teacher named Dustin Stoddart, who turned the Wizard Standoff Riddle I created with TED-Ed into an interactive classroom game. This is an appealing way to explore the intuition behind the probability and game theory of the original riddle. I’m sharing the original riddle and Dustin’s lesson below. Thanks, Dustin!