Professional Development

Make math the best part of your day.

Transitioning to Common Core? We do that. With special focus on the role the Standards for Mathematical Practice play in the classroom, why they matter, and teaching practices that support them, we can help your school turn the transition to Common Core into a chance to revolutionize your math teaching.

Developing new curriculum? We do that. We can help your math department or entire school hone its math mission and create or modify a curriculum to take your students to new places.

Workshops to energize your math program? We do that. Our workshops offer a vision of rich content, effective pedagogy, and the authentic beauty of mathematics. Give your teachers and administrators new confidence and a belief in the possibilities of mathematics education.

We believe in the ability of every student and the potential of every teacher. We love math. We want to help your school love math too.
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What Teachers Say:
These are comments from anonymous feedback we collected from teachers after professional development.

“This was by far the best professional development experience I have had.”

“Your enthusiastic, creative approach is a breath of fresh air!”

“Best workshop in years—can actually use it, not a paid waste of time”

“I loved the insight and approach”

“I love making the math more interesting and also more driven by the questions/ideas of the students!”

“It’s an excellent program. The inquisitive insights and questioning strategies are excellent. The teachers’ expertise is also exemplary.”

“I loved working with you all. Can’t wait to have you in the class next year :)

“I think this is the best PD I will ever have! You have helped me re-define how I view math and you have given me things/games I actually used! :)

“Excellent! So impressed by your content knowledge & desire to help students & teachers develop a love for math.”

“My students and I really liked these activities, and they give All my kids a chance to be successful, which is the best thing!”

“I have never been a “lover of math,” but your workshops always made me feel like one and, in turn, made me more motivated to find ways to make my students feel the same way.”

“All of the (Dan & Katherine) activities I taught were fun and engaging, for me and my kids!”

“help[ed] me to be a better teacher… I left loving math more… We have been applying these tips in the 3rd grade and it has been great!”

“[This workshop] has completely changed the way I teach! I now start with questions in every subject.”

“This is amazing!!!  So often, I feel like I go to PD and think “that’s great but how do I use this in my classroom?” and you two make these methods so easy to use.  I literally took my notes from yesterday and got right to the game! Thanks so much.”

“Exploring math can be as interesting and entertaining as writing poetry or studying music. What an inspiring new way to look at math.”

“Wonderful! You have changed the way I teach. This experience has made me a better teacher. Thank you so much!”