Rolly Poly

Work together to get all the numbers covered in this quick and simple, high energy, family fun game. Roll a number, pick an action, and go!

Rolly Poly takes seconds to learn and minutes to play, so you can break it out anytime, and return to it again and again. Includes expansion rules to introduce addition and larger numbers, so as your child grows up, the game grows with them!

Rolly Poly

Rolly Poly is ... thought-provoking, creative, imaginative, and interactive...
An excellent choice for introducing math skills to young children, [and] an ideal gift for preschool or kindergarten classrooms.

National Parenting Center Seal-winning review

Once again, @MathforLove masterfully blends three of my favorite things:
????Math education
????????Kids’ activity

Rolly Polly is delightful, we played three rounds in a row, using the “big kids” variation

Matt Vaudrey

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