During coronavirus lockdown, we’re making this printable Tiny Polka Dot printer-friendly starter deck available for free.

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Prime Climb Tiny Polka Dot Both Games

Interested in buying in bulk? Contact orders [at] mathforlove.com for reduced pricing for larger orders.

I love that the game plays well with even the youngest of children, but some of the included game types scale up to match skills available to slightly older players. I also love that the game includes a brief guide for grownups on how to help kids enjoy and learn as they play. Tiny Polka Dot makes this list for its fun factor, not [just] because of its educational elements.

Matt Miller, Game Informer

Then, in a moment out of a sitcom, [my daughter] cheered and cried, “Yay! I can do tough things!” Then gave me a hug.

This… doesn’t happen often in my math classroom..

Matt Vaudrey, Math Teacher

Tiny Polka Dot is absolutely fantastic. It gives J a structure that he enjoys exploring, and when he tires of the Match 7 game, we will move on to Match 8, Match 9, or any of the dozens of games and iterations we can create from these cards.

These cards are going to be part of our playtime for years to come.

Kent Haines, The Process Column

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