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Balance Fractions

Balance Fractions

Essential Question. How can you make it balance?

Why we love Balance Fractions

The balance gives a perfect metaphor for the meaning of the equals sign. The problems themselves are simple to pose and interesting to solve.


Show students a balance fraction problem.

Ask them to discuss what they notice about this picture with a partner. Then check in with the group.

To see complete lesson with example dialog, download the full PDF of the lesson.

Gallery of Balance Fraction Images

These Balance Fraction puzzles were made using the SolveMe Mobile website.

Links to these puzzles are here:

  • https://solveme.edc.org/mobiles/?mobiles=183128
  • https://solveme.edc.org/mobiles/?mobiles=183129
  • https://solveme.edc.org/mobiles/?mobiles=183131
  • https://solveme.edc.org/mobiles/?mobiles=183132
  • https://solveme.edc.org/mobiles/?mobiles=183134
  • https://solveme.edc.org/mobiles/?mobiles=183135
  • https://solveme.edc.org/mobiles/?mobiles=183146

You can also have students make their own puzzles!



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