Tiny Polka Dot Print and Play & Donation



We’ve committed to give away 2000 Tiny Polka Dot games in May, 2020 to teachers, math coaches, schools, and organizations with the means to give them to families who are in financial distress.

We’ve also put together a free downloadable, printer-friendly starter deck that anyone can use to print and distribute games to families who need them at home.

For those of you interested in supporting this cause, you can buy any number of Tiny Polka Dot print and play files here. For each one you buy, we’ll donate an actual, physical game to someone who reached out to us saying they’d be able to help distribute the games to families. If you’d like to make a larger donation, just change the number of this item in your cart, and we’ll know to donate that many copies of Tiny Polka Dot.

Thank you for helping us support teachers and families with these materials!