Teacher Circles

A community of Teachers
Deepening their understanding of math.

Math for Love is offering a new series of Teacher Circles for 2016-2017. We’ll be meeting monthly with K-8 teachers to explore beautiful mathematics and powerful methods for teaching it.

These sessions are already underway, but if you’re interested in joining, please contact kristine.l.hampton@gmail.com for more information. Teacher Circles are totally free. Teachers who attend receive clock hours.

When it comes to getting kids turned on to math, teachers are absolutely critical. We offer Math Teacher Circles to support and inspire teachers in this vital work.

“I have been amazed at the patterns and new understanding I have gained.”

“I have always had my curiosities about math in the past, but since taking part in the Teaching Circles the mysteries of math have begun to unfold, and I believe my perspective on how to approach math is changing for the better…”

“It gave me an opportunity to connect to my own inner mathematician.”

What are Teacher Circles?

Teacher Circles are gatherings for teachers, devoted to how to make math class the best part of every teacher’s and student’s day. In Teacher Circles we discuss

  • motivating and enriching your curriculum
  • using questions to build student understanding
  • formative assessment
  • mathematical games for skill-building and much more
  • how to use Common Core Mathematics Practices to move your students to a deeper and more powerful mathematical experience

Can I have a Teacher Circle at my school?

Yes! If you would like your school to host a Teacher Circle next year for your teachers, contact us and we can discuss costs and logistics. It’s also possible to invite teachers from neighboring schools. If your teachers are ready to take their math classes to the next level and pick up clock hours for a professional development experience they’ll actually like—and use!—Teacher Circles are your ticket.


Do Teacher Circles really work?

We developed Teacher Circles to be meaningful mathematical professional development, and to do two things:

  • help teachers love math
  • inspire teachers to bring the most meaningful, powerful math lessons and pedagogy to their students

We weren’t going to be happy unless these programs translated into meaningful change in the classroom.
The good news is, that’s exactly what teachers reported happening.

The feedback from the circles is overwhelmingly positive. Here’s what we’ve heard from participating teachers.


Teachers are changing their teaching…
and seeing students respond!

Contact us to learn how to host a Teacher Circle at your school.

“I began implementing the games and concepts I learned during the teaching circles almost as soon as they were presented to me. Immediately I became more aware of my own teaching and the way my students learn and understand. I have begun taking a new approach to asking questions, leading the students without giving away the answer, allowing them to explore their own thinking… Dan and Katherine both emphasize the importance of asking the question and not giving the answer right away. Perseverance is derived from struggle and challenging the way you approach a problem, a skill not always enabled when we just supply the students with the answers at every turn…”

“I can look for ways to bring students towards discovering meaning in math and making sense of problems placed before them… I have given my students more opportunities to discuss their thinking about math and work together to solve problems so they can build off of each other’s strategies.”

“I see more students willing to participate and share their thinking. My students are finding joy in math and are excited to do math!”

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