Welcome to Math for Love

Math For Love is dedicated to changing the culture of mathematics.

We believe that math can be a part of everyone’s life. Every student should experience the thrill of mathematical discovery. Every teacher can appreciate the elegance of a great mathematical insight. The power of mathematics is part of our shared human inheritance.

At Math for Love, we believe that mathematical success for students, teachers, parents, and schools begins with love. Begin with a genuine encounter with the real meat of mathematics, and anything is possible.

It begins with love.


“This was by far the best professional development experience I have had.”
—Elementary teacher at partner school

“Best workshop in years—can actually use it, not a paid waste of time”
—Elementary teacher at partner school

“[The Teacher Circles] gave me an opportunity to connect to my own inner mathematician.”
-Elementary teacher and Circle participant

“I see more students willing to participate and share their thinking. My students are finding joy in math and are excited to do math!”
-Elementary teacher and Circle participant

“I wanted you to know that [my son] called Math Circle the highlight of his week *every* week… He wishes you could be his regular math teacher, because then math would be his favorite subject, hands down.  Almost overnight, he went from “I hate math” to “I’m a math nerd!”  Thanks so much for a wonderful experience.  Priceless!”

“Last week, the students were clapping and cheering Katherine as she concluded the class. Nearly the entire class was raising their hands to participate — just like in [Dan's] classes, when kids leave smiling and skipping! In any event, that’s the kind of teaching all kids need.”

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