Welcome to Math for Love

At Math for Love, we are devoted to changing how math is taught and learned. Check out the site to see what we’re up to, and sign up on our mailing list to keep in touch.

Math Circles and Classes

Fall registration for weekend classes is open!

“I wanted you to know that [my son] called Math Circle the highlight of his week *every* week… He wishes you could be his regular math teacher, because then math would be his favorite subject, hands down.  Almost overnight, he went from “I hate math” to “I’m a math nerd!”  Thanks so much for a wonderful experience.  Priceless!” 
— Parent

We run Math Circles before and after school and weekend classes throughout the school year. Click the links to learn more.

Professional Development

“By far the best professional development experience I have had.”
 —Elementary teacher at partner school

Contact us to learn how a Math f0r Love partnership can revitalize math teaching at your school.

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