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Math for Love at TEDx

Math for Love’s Dan Finkel spoke on math teaching at TEDxRainier on November 21, in a sold out conference. You can watch the talk here. Dan’s talk starts around 2h50m. We’ll share the official video when it’s produced.
Prime Climb Numbers to 60

This image from Prime Climb makes a featured appearance in the talk.

Meanwhile, we’ll be making even more lesson plans available soon.
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Professional Development

Focus, Coherence, Rigor… and Beauty.

Math for Love teacher workshops and school partnerships are transforming the mathematical experience for teachers and their students.

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Growing Squares

New York TimesNumberplay Puzzles

We are longtime contributors to the New York Times Numberplay blog. Check out the links to see our contributed puzzles. Favorites include the Pilgrim’s Puzzle, Squareable Numbers, and Don’t Make a Triangle.

Math Circles

These before- and after-school enrichment classes give kids a chance to see a fresh new side of mathematics. Taught by mathematicians who love to work with kids. Learn more.
Progressive Recursive Apollonian Gasket


When your kids want math on the weekends, you know where to go. Our classes give students a chance to ask the tough questions… then get to work solving them. Learn more.
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Our curriculum page provides dozens of our math lessons absolutely free of charge.

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