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Story Problem – The Kite

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Once upon a time there was a boy named Darin.
The only toy that Darin had was a beautiful kite he had made by himself.

One day Darin went to the park to play.
For lunch he packed 24 apple slices and a sandwich.
As he was eating, a dozen little caterpillars crawled up to him.

“We’re so hungry,” said the caterpillars, speaking in one voice.
“Won’t you share some of your delicious apple slices with us?”

Darin said, “I won’t be able to enjoy my apple slices if I know you’re hungry. You can have some of mine.”
He gave each caterpillar a slice of apple, and the caterpillars gobbled them up.
Then they said, speaking again in one voice, “Thank you for sharing your food with us.
If you ever need our help, just call for the caterpillars.” And with that, they crawled away.

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