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Our first board game, Prime Climb, is a mathematical powerhouse.
You can get the game on Amazon, or check other options.
The good news is, there’s plenty of ways to use the factorized color-coding of the game.

Show the Prime Climb chart up to 20.
Ask students what they notice, and any conjectures for how the coloring works.

Optional: Extend to the chart to 60. Do their initial conjectures hold? What changes would they make?

After that initial discussion, hand out the blank chart to 100 and challenge students to color in the next row. How far can they go?

Handouts for students:

Thanks Jen Urano for the blank ring version of the worksheet above, which leaves more of the thinking work for students!

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  • Check out the Prime Line for online applications to the number line!
  • Check out Prime Factor circles at mathigon.com/polypad!
  • Colorblind version created by Kelly Oberheu! Click image below to check it out.

And the original posing of this question came from Dan’s TED Talk below.

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