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Here are just a few of the great resources available online. Enjoy!

  • Always Formative – Join the conversation about assessment, a critical and often misunderstood part of the learning process.
  • Better Explained – Learn right. Not rote. These excellent explanations of math concepts have helped a lot of people get right with the subject.
  • Collaborative Mathematics – Short videos posing interesting problems.
  • Cut the Knot – A tremendous resource for math ideas, lessons, and visualizations.
  • dy/dan – Dan Meyer’s math blog showcases some great ideas in math pedagogy, especially for the middle and high school levels.
  • Emergent Math – A showcase of some of the best lessons for 6th-12th grade that the internet has to offer. Probably the internet’s best chance to replace textbooks. Totally free.
  • Let’s Play Math! – A play and math infused website overflowing with great ideas, quote, games, and resources for the younger set.
  • Living Math – Homeschooling and have questions on how to get your kids on the right track with math? This is a great place to start. A great community to answer your questions, and tons of resources, including a tremendous book list.
  • Lost in Recursion – Endless thinking about math and school
  • math mama writes – The wonderful Sue VanHattum, sharing her love of math
  • Math Munch – A weekly digest of what’s happening in math online.
  • Math Pickle – A treasure trove of unique, highly relevant, beautifully designed math lessons and ideas.
  • Minute Physics – Quick videos explaining physics with stick figure animations. Great stuff.
  • NYTimes Numberplay – The New York Times Wordplay Blog has taken up mathematics, with input from lots of great mathematicians and puzzle posers. A new puzzle every Monday.
  • Saint Ann’s Problem of the Week – I used to teach at Saint Ann’s, and I still find myself checking out these fantastic problems of the week. A great resource.
  • Thinking Mathematics! – Materials and videos from one of the best math teachers around. Especially recommended for middle & high school teachers looking for inspiration.
  • Uncover A Few – The inimitable Josh Zucker’s blog, with captivating puzzles and musings on math pedagogy.
  • Vi Hart Videos – Vi Hart explores beautiful ideas in mathematics that grow from her doodles. And other phenomenons at the intersection of math, art, and music.
  • Without Geometry, Life is Pointless – Excellent blog by a thoughtful math teacher (who’s also an old colleague of mine). Highly recommended.
  • Would You Rather – A simple idea, and a great one. “Would you rather” math questions to jump start your math class.
  • XKCD’s What If? – Randall Munroe of answers your questions with math and physics. Incredibly entertaining, endlessly mind-expanding.

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