1st & 2nd Grade Curriculum



Finally, a curriculum that combines play and rigor. Strengthen student understanding while making math the best part of the day.

The Math for Love 1st & 2nd grade curriculum lays the foundation for a powerful conceptual understanding of addition, subtraction, and the base 10 system by leveraging the fun of games and hands-on materials. Comes with 27 days worth of lessons, making up over 50 great games and activities! Includes games you can play over and over, and explorations that extend into deeper challenges. Perfect for a 1st/2nd grade mixed classroom, or a program where you want even more options to challenge a range of students.

Print the PDF and combine with standard manipulatives to create a supplemental or summer learning juggernaut.

Also includes our 9-part Video PD Training series!

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NOTE: This material overlaps heavily with the grade 1 and grade 2 supplemental curriculum.

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