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This is a collection of some of the games and activities that are ideal for running before and after school math circles. This particular book is designed for grades 2-3, though most of the activities would work for older or younger students.

The math circles are about enrichment. Our goal is that students will leave them loving math more, and with a clearer sense of what it feels like to do math for real. We want them to own their work, their thoughts, and their experience; the aha! moment is only meaningful when it belongs to them.

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  1. Pauline Carlyle

    Is it possible to know how many activities are in the book?
    Hard to decide on a fair price from your description

    1. Post

      Hi Pauline,

      There are activities for eight days, which about 2 activities per day. You’re welcome to download for free, and then donate later once you’ve used the material.

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