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Story Problem – The Monster
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Story Problem – The Monster

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About This Lesson

For this long-form story problem, read the story to your class first, then give them the questions to answer, and the story as a reference.

Optional artistic tie-in: draw a picture of the monster.

Optional challenge: write another question about the story.

The Monster

When I was trying to fall asleep last night, I looked across the room and saw, in the shadows,
The Monster!

I looked at its powerful arms.
Instead of 2 arms, the monster had 4 arms, and each arm ended in hands with 12 razor-sharp claws.

I looked at its face.
Instead of 1 mouth, the monster had 6 mouths, and each mouth was filled with 20 pointed teeth.

The monster opened one of its mouths, and I saw that each tooth had 3 maggots crawling on it.

The monster crept nearer to me.
I knew what it wanted.

I reached out… and handed the monster my teddy bear.
The monster whimpered gratefully.
Then it stretched out on the floor and fell asleep.

Don’t tell anyone, but monsters are afraid of the dark.

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