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Award-Winning Games


The Beautiful, Colorful, Mathematical Game

Prime Climb is a perfect game for ages 10+ (or 8+ with adult guidance) to explore mathematical structure in multiplication, division, and prime numbers in a fast-paced, dynamic game of strategy and luck. Great for home or school! Learn more about the game that has received rave reviews, a raft of awards, and thousands of fans.

Instantly built a devoted audience of children and adults who fell in love with the game’s beautiful, colorful display, and connection with deep mathematical understanding.


Honestly, this has got to be one of the most engaging and effective ways of introducing the idea of primes being the ‘building blocks’ of numbers and building other general logic skills… Overall, Prime Climb is an incredibly flexible game, and certainly met the high expectations it set itself.


This game blew my mind! It blew my wife’s mind, it blew my kid’s mind… it is one of the coolest visualizations of mathematics and prime numbers I’ve ever seen ever. It is awesome!


Take a look at Prime Climb, an excellent new game… perfect for adults and children alike.


This game is so rich in mathematical ideas that I literally spent a week investigating it with my class.


Rated #1 Educational Math Game!


Prime Climb is an excellent way to teach about prime numbers, factors, common multiples, and that math is fun!… I loved how Prime Climb engaged my math loving kids and my kids who tolerate math. It was engaging and challenging enough that no one was bored, but easy enough to understand that no one was frustrated. It was the perfect balance. (It was fun for the adults as well.)


This is an amazing game! It is genius actually. You can play this with both young and old and adapt it to anyone’s ability. Players must not only use their math skills but their strategy skills as well. I believe this game should be in every classroom in America as well as every home!!


For a game that is a relatively pure experience of math equations, I think you’ll be surprised how much fun it can be for players of all ages.


A fun and simple way to bring multiplication, division, and prime numbers all in one easy to play game. Awesome!


Tiny Polka Dot

Number-loving Learning Fun

Tiny Polka Dot is the playful way for children ages 3 – 8 to fall in love with numbers. With eye-catching, colorful cards and 16 easy-to-learn games, Tiny Polka Dot is built to grow with your child, teaching critical skills in counting, arithmetic, and logic along the way.


A play-based, rigorous program to engage all students.
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We’re thrilled to offer a totally free, video support series on using rich tasks in the classroom. See the PD 4-part videos and 3 task videos.

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