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This is a collection of some of our favorite lessons on the topic of volume. We like them, and our students do too. They are built to launch quickly from genuine questions, and should have students actively learning and thinking for most of class. Because they are hands-on and compelling, they should help build a solid comprehension of what volume is and how it works.

We recommend using these lessons as a supplement to a standard fifth grade curriculum. The lessons in this booklet should last 10 to 15 days. You can use them in conjunction with more standard lessons, or as a standalone introduction to volume.

Download Volume Lessons Now

You can download the pdf file for a donation of your choosing. If you would like the collection and can’t or don’t want to pay, please take it and use it with our blessing; we never want inability to pay to prevent anyone from using our materials.

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  1. Chris Scharfenkamp

    I would be happy to donate if I like the lessons, but don’t want to do so unless I can look them over and decide if I will realistically use them. I will download without paying in the hopes that I have the option to donate after.

    1. Post
    1. Post

      These are targeting 5th grade, though suitable for middle schoolers too. Here’s the list of lessons.

      -Square Building 1-2 days
      -Rectangles with Given Perimeter 1-2 days
      -Whole Area, Fractional Perimeter 1-2 days

      Volume Lessons
      -Cube building 1 day
      -The Painted Cube 1-2 days
      -Menu for Volume 3-5 days
      Rectangular Prisms
      Two Cubes
      Cubes from Cubes
      Room Fill
      Fish Tanks
      Sugar Consumption
      Paper Boxes
      Zoo Missions 2 days

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