Math for Love classes are a chance for motivated students to learn beautiful, powerful mathematical ideas from mathematicians who love to teach.

Registration is open for our Spring Math Classes, running at the PNA, April 2 – May 21:
—For 1st – 2nd Graders – Mathematical Games and Puzzles
—For 3rd – 5th Graders – “Are You Sure About That?”

“… as perfect a math class as possible.”Anonymous student feedback
All classes take place Sundays at the Phinney Neighborhood Association.
Instructor: Paul Gafni

Open to all students, new and returning.

Description: Mathematical Games and Puzzles

Play is a key part of a healthy mathematical perspective, and one that many students, parents, and teachers fail to appreciate.

In this 8 week course, we’ll dive in to some of Math for Love’s favorite games, including Nim, Hex, and Pico Fermi Bagels. These games are great to just play, but they also have some puzzling questions built-in, many of which have the potential to spiral into some serious problem solving rabbit holes that are compelling to mathematicians at all levels.In addition to providing a fun and rewarding experience on Sundays, we really hope you’ll run with these games at home for years to come.

These games provide quite a rich space for play and exploration, so this course is appropriate for new and returning Math for Love students, regardless of their level of mathematical sophistication.

Instructor: Paul Gafni

Class runs on Sundays from April 2nd through May 21, 2017, from 2:05-2:55. Help setting up tables and chairs from 2:00-2:05 is appreciated.

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Description: “Are You Sure About That?”

You and a friend are thinking about some puzzle, and suddenly, you both say, “Aha! I figured it out!”
You turn to your friend to share in your success, but you realize you disagree! You’re both completely convinced that your answer is correct. How can you be sure your answer is correct? You could ask your parents or ask your teacher, but how do they know for sure?
In these 8 weeks, we’ll aim to make sense of whether we really know what we think we know.

In Math for Love programming, we aim to give students genuine mathematical experiences. That means being curious, asking questions, making conjectures, Aha! moments, and convincing peers to believe your ideas.

This class is open to new and returning Math for Love students.


Instructor: Paul Gafni

Class runs on Sundays from April 2 through May 21, 2017, from 3:05-3:55. Help putting away tables and chairs from 3:55-4 is appreciated.

For information about need-based scholarships, contact


“I just want to say THANK YOU.  My daughter was against going to a math class with every cell of her being – and when she exited her first Math for Love class she exclaimed, “That was so fun!” and then, “Can you sign me up for another one?”  Not only that, but a couple of times throughout the day she lamented the fact that she would have to wait another week to go again.  …  So, thank you for your passion, your inspiration and whatever else you did to make a reticent mathematician emerge!”