Upscale Pattern Block Provocation

October 13, 2022

Here’s an Upscale Pattern Block provocation to try in a classroom or at home, with your own set of blocks.

It take 4 small triangles to build a medium triangle.

It also takes 4 small rhombuses to build a medium rhombus.

Does it take 4 small trapezoids to build a medium trapezoid? Try it!

You can’t build a medium hexagon from small hexagons. You need other shapes too.

But look! It actually is 4 hexagons worth of area! So the medium hexagon has 4 times the area of the small hexagon.

This all makes me wonder about the big shapes!

  • How many small triangles will it take to build a big triangle?
  • How many small rhombuses to build a big rhombus?
  • How many small trapezoids to build a big trapezoid? (Can it be done?)
  • How does the area of the big hexagon compare to the area of the small one?

You can buy Upscale Pattern Blocks on Amazon (on sale now)!

Teachers and administrators – email if you’d like to know about bulk educational pricing.

We’re going to be sharing lots more lessons, play ideas, and provocations, so get your Upscale Pattern Blocks now and play along!

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