Paul Gafni

“You have ignited in [my son] an appreciation and interest for math that did not exist before you came into his life.”

“[Paul] is an amazing teacher – he’s engaging and patient, he thinks so quickly and loves what he does that I think it’s contagious …  I’ve had several parents say it’s the most rewarding and fun class their kids are in and that their kids love it.”

WOW! He’s terrific! We had 16 families participating in our math circles today, and every last one of them said they loved the way he worked with the kids “EXCELLENT!” “AMAZING!” – and equally as important – the kids were excited and enthusiastic about the math sessions.”

It’s hard to say whether Paul Gafni loves learning or teaching more. He’s been passionate about math since early childhood, and followed the thrill of critical thinking—of finding patterns, connections, and explanations that make hard questions become easy—as he pursued his B.A. in Mathematics at Northwestern University. Since 2008, he’s also dived into what he considers his life’s work: sharing this love with students. He has worked one-on-one with dozens students, taught classes on the math Olympiad, and managed about a dozen chess clubs. Since 2013, he has led Math Circles for Math for Love throughout Seattle.

Currently, Paul is also the principle math teacher at the UW’s Robinson Center for Young Scholars.