Nine Points on Rich Math Tasks

I recently submitted an article on getting the most out of rich math tasks to Vector, the journal of the BC Association of Math Teachers. I’m posting just my article below. You can read the entire issue here. Enjoy!

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  1. Jim Doherty

    I LOVE the comment early on pointing out that one student’s rich task is boring for another and dismaying for another. The real challenge in implementing tasks like this in class is to best figure out how to get some levels of engagement from students in all three of those categories, right? I also need to remind myself to try problems like this before handing them to students. Too often, I have thrown out a problem that looks interesting only to discover that there are hidden strategies that are beyond the set of skills of the students in front of me. Plan ahead!

    1. Post

      Great point. You need to be familiar with some of the pathways through a problem. You’ll probably find a few new ones from the students themselves!

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