There are lots of great ways to use Addition by Heart in the classroom. We’ll share ideas here!

  1. Form teams of 2 – 4 students. Each student picks five cards at random and quizzes their group mates. The cards they miss go a pile and when everyone is done, the team looks over the “hard” addition facts together. What makes those ones hard? How can they remember them?

Addition by Heart is a vibrant and engaging educational tool that parents and educators can use to inspire a genuine love for math in young learners.

National Parenting Center - Award-winning review

I audibly gasped when I opened @MathforLove‘s latest creation - Addition by Heart. I’ve been anticipating its arrival.

My 5yo wouldn’t put them down.

Designed with evidence-based principles in mind. The beauty is in the progression of how kids engage with each deck.

Liesl McConchie

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