Free play with Upscale Pattern Blocks is the best way to get started. Just start building and exploring!

After you play around for a while, you might start to find your own challenges to try. Here are some of our favorites.

Favorite Play Prompts for Upscale Pattern Blocks

Covering blocks

1. Can you cover the different-sized hexagons with smaller blocks? How many blocks does it take?

2. Can you build one of the big blocks using only one color of smaller block?

The medium rhombus is built from 4 small rhombuses. The large rhombus is build from 6 small trapezoids.

Scale Versions

Can you make larger and smaller versions of the same design?

Can you build a triangle that uses all three sizes of green triangle block? (See Polypad inset below. Press “c” after you click a block to duplicate it.)


Hexagon Challenge (Upscale Version)

How many ways can you make a regular hexagon? How many different blocks can you use to make one?

Hexagon Challenge (All-block Version)

Can you use ALL the blocks from a set of Upscale Pattern Blocks to make a single hexagon?

A hands-on and non-electronic way to inspire creativity, thought, storytelling, and fine motor skills? That is a recipe for overwhelming enthusiasm from parent testers, something Upscale Pattern Blocks collected in spades.

—National Parenting Center Seal of Approval Review

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