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A Mathematician at Play: Puzzle 1
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A Mathematician at Play: Puzzle 1

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About this Puzzle

I’ve been collaborating with the English-language newspaper in India called The Hindu for the past few months, producing puzzles for a column called A Mathematician at Play.

It’s a great collaboration. I produce the puzzles, and they make them look beautiful.

I’m going to start sharing these puzzles on the Math for Love blog. Some of these puzzles are classics, others are original. All of them involve some kind of thinking or insight that strikes me as pretty, or surprising, or delightful.

Puzzles will go out Mondays for the next few months.
Answers will go out Fridays.

The first puzzle, below, is a series of grid puzzles. I hope you have fun trying these out! Share them with your kids or students, or work on them with your friends, and let me know what you think in the comments!

Are you one of those who gets started with a game of “Dots and Boxes” with your neighbour the moment you get some free time at class? Or do you imagine countless possibilities whenever you are confronted with a pattern of dots?
Either way, you’ll love this one.

For there’s plenty to learn with Daniel Finkel as he explores a grid of 16 dots…

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