Free play with 21st Century Pattern Blocks is the best way to get started. Just start building and exploring!

Want some inspiration? The hashtag #21CenturyPB on Twitter is where folks are sharing their block creations, like this beautiful builds from Hana Murray (@MurrayH83)

Favorite Challenges and Play Prompts

Let’s try building some triangles!

Photo by @MurrayH83

Build some bigger triangles!

Photo by @MurrayH83

Can you build a rectangle with 21st Century Pattern Blocks?

Photo by @MurrayH83

Can you make a pattern that could stretch forever with no gaps?

Photo by @julie3layne

Here’s one from a friend: I’m loving these pattern blocks!!! I made a different design like this earlier toda, with the 180 degree symmetry, and whenever [my daughter] added a block I would add its partner; we had a pretty good game going for 10 minutes or so.

Can you use a block (or tile) to build a larger version of itself? How many blocks does it take?

Can you build a shape with 9  sides? (i.e., a nonagon?) These don’t have equal sides, but can you make one that does have equal sides?

Photo by @MurrayH83

They make you want to pick them up and start creating and building... This is truly a product with endless possibilities for open-ended play.

—National Parenting Center Seal of Approval Review

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